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Tree Lopping Sydney welcomes you to a wide range of qualified professional services Our work is of high safety standards on all jobs our highly trained team make sure that all work is carefully carried out and making sure that the job is left clean and tidy.

Tree Lopping Sydney is 100% Australian owned and operated by Sydney based licensed professionals who have been in the industry since 1990.

Our Machinery
We have latest equipment in Australia. At tree Lopping Sydney we provide the most competitive pricing in Sydney.

At Tree Lopping Sydney we use the best equipment to make job safer and more efficient. We use Stihl chainsaws including ms200 ms441 ms660 ms880, hs86t hedger, 131 polesaw. Our safety gear includes a harnesses, lowering ropes, climbing carabiners, climbing lines, friction drums.

We provide you with free quotation anywhere in metropolitan area.
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Mobile: 0455 155 444
Phone: 02 9681 6593
Email: info@treeloppingnsw.com.au
Although it’s possible to trim or prune a palm tree yourself, it’s safer and easier to hire a professional company to do it for you. Call Sydney Tree Removal.
We are a full service tree and stump removal company serving the Sydney metropolitan area. Call us for fast service! 24/7 emergency service.
Our crews are highly skilled in the practice of removing trees while keeping the people, property and other assets nearby out of harm’s way.
Need an Arborist?‎ Call Tree Lopping Sydney.
We provide wood chipping to turn those tree limbs into wood chips you can use for landscaping! If you've lost some tree limbs or branches in your yard, Tree Lopping Sydney can use a wood chipper to remove these and provide a useful gardening tool... wood chips!
Did you know maintaining a healthy, beautiful set of trees on your property can increase your overall property value? No worries, most people didn’t realize just how important a service such as tree pruning could be. We have years of combined experience trimming and properly pruning Queens trees so they remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing.